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          About us  
              Quanzhou Zhongwu PU Foam Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful capital of manufacturing Quanzhou city in Fujian province.
              Our company was registered in 2010. After nearly 10 years of development, we have a professional team with more than 10 technical experts. Our management system is effective and efficient. For instance, we have passed ISO9000. Clients from China, Southeast Asia, and Africa have chosen our products and services. We are well received and praised by the market. More importantly, apart from specializing in foam machinery, we have a PU foam R&D team, teaching our clients how to use and maintain the equipment.
              Our products can be categorized into three:
          First, foaming machines include automatic horizontal foaming production line, automatic vertical foaming production line, and automatic box foaming machine.
          Second, foam cutting machines include horizontal cutting machine, horizontal carrousel splitting machine, horizontal long sheet cutting machine, vertical cutting machine, automatic vertical cutting machine, and cylindrical cutting machine.
          Third, foam re-bonding machine, foam crane, perforating machine, and fiberizing machine.
              Since inception, we try to realize self-achievement and contribute to the society. Aiming at 100-year development, we avoid fickleness and do not focus on immediate profits but consider team-building as the basis of a stronger enterprise and excellent quality as the soul of a company to develop. Client-centered, we strive to meet your needs, help you to realize ambitions, solve your problems, and eliminate your worries.
          we focus on foam machinery and have more than 30 years of foaming experiences



          professionalism ensures quality


          we offer foaming technologies




          open-minded, we do not rest on our laurels but regard everyday as a new start

          Contact Us
          ADD:Lingshan Industrial Park, Tuzai Town, Hui’an County, Quanzhou, Fujian 
          Contact: Steven :+86-13600777248
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          Copyright© 2018 Quanzhou Zhongwu Sponge Machinery Co., Ltd. All rights reserved   Technical Support:www.ppwj.cn

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